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Antonino Salon and Spa’s number one priority is to keep you and our staff as safe as possible. So, for the near future, you’ll notice a few physical changes and the implementation of some new policies that we feel are necessary. As soon as we know our “for sure” opening date, we will be reaching out to those who currently have appointments scheduled, then we will open up our phone lines and our on-line booking option.

In the meantime, we’d like to share some of our new guidelines and precautions we have put into place as we prepare to reopen.

Antonino Salon and Spa New Precautions and Guidelines 

We ask that you reschedule your appointment if you do not feel well, have recently been in contact with someone with Covid-19 symptoms or have recently traveled on an airplane.

We will be asking all of our staff and guests to wear masks. For everyone’s safety, we will be strict on this and we will only be servicing guests with masks on. We must do this to keep you and our staff safe.¬† Ideally if you’re receiving a haircut, a mask that secures around the ear would be best.

Please be prepared to have your temperature taken and be asked a few health screening questions.

We are doing our best to keep the amount of people in the salon to a minimum. So, we ask that all guests remain outside or in your car until you receive a text from your stylist that it’s time to come in for your appointment.

Only guests with scheduled appointments will be invited in (please don’t bring friends or kids with you unless they also have an appointment).

We love dogs, but please do not bring them in during this time.

If you are coming in for just a haircut, we ask that you wash your hair before you come in to limit the space in the shampoo area. We will, of course shampoo any chemical services.

We are installing ten air purifiers throughout the salon that utilizes PECO technology, which destroys pollutants 1000 smaller than HEPA standards. This technology was designed to capture and destroy airborne viruses such as Covid-19.

We will be considering the shampoo room as a “Quiet Zone” to keep conversation to a minimum as the guest/employee positioning is slightly more vulnerable than other areas.

We suggest that you do not wear any bulky (hoodie tops, turtle necks) or expensive clothing as we will no longer offer the option to change out of your clothing.

If it’s warm, consider not bringing in a jacket. And if possible, just bring in a wallet instead of your purse. We will be offering one-time use plastic bags for your belongings that you will keep with you during your visit.

If you need product, please ask for assistance from an Antonino Salon and Spa staff member.

We will not be offering any refreshments and we ask that if you bring any with you, please take it with you when you leave.

We will be supplying a freshly washed cape for you.

All stations and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with EPA registered disinfectants between each guest.

All of our staff members have been Barbicide Covid-19 certified.

Door handles and frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day.

All processing and cutting stations are six feet apart.

We have taken out half of our styling stations and will be staggering shifts, so please be aware that your service provider may have a new schedule.

Nail techs will work with tools that have been disinfected and sanitized and utensils that cannot be-will be new and for your use only. We have also installed a protective shield between you and your nail tech.

The reception desk will also have a protective shield around it.

Our entire salon and spa will be professionally disinfected each night with an EPA recommended fog and we have increased our sanitation and sterilization procedures throughout the day.

Our checkout stations now have the capability for using the “tap” function and the ability to remember your credit card information, so for future visits-you can bypass the checkout process entirely.

We will no longer be double booking or squeezing people in, so please be patient and know we will do our best to accommodate you.

If writing a check- if possible, bring your own pen.

All magazines and testers have been removed.

If leaving a gratuity, we suggest using a payment app such as Venmo or just giving it directly to your service provider.

Our support staff (Assistants) have always relied upon the gratuities you so generously provide. Even though they may not be washing your hair, we humbly ask that you please do not forget about them as they are a very important part in keeping our environment clean and sanitized.

We ask for your patience when calling us as we expect a heavy call load in the beginning and we will need to explain some of our new guidelines and calls may take longer than usual. So, if you don’t get through immediately, we apologize.

If you are coming in for a color service and you have used a touch up powder recently, please be sure to wash it out before your appointment as it can block the hair color from taking.


We understand this is a lot of information and there are many changes. As we get closer and eventually open, based on government and industry recommendations we may add some additional guidelines and loosen up on others. Please know that all of this is to make all of us stay as safe as we possibly can during this world crisis.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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Antonino Salon is located at 191 Townsend (directly across form the Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham).

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Antonino Salon is located at 191 Townsend in downtown Birmingham, Michigan (across the street from the Townsend Hotel)
Book your appointment today to see why Antonino Salon has been voted “Best Salon” four years in a row.

Be sure to see for yourself why Antonino Salon has been voted “Best Salon” five years in a row.
Antonino Salon is located at 191 Townsend in downtown Birmingham, Mi. (Directly across from the Townsend Hotel).