La Tête Classic

A high-end product line for all hair types with an affordable advantage.

MaxWax Pomade

An impressive concoction that delivers maximum separation.

Dream Cream

Not a mousse. Not a gel. Just a dream dressing that leaves hair thick and textured.

Be Gentle

A deep conditioning shampoo that knows just how to nourish chemically treated or dry hair.

4orm Paste

A paste to help you form a most dazzling do.

As Straight as it Gets

A high performance gel that give thick hair shine, smoothness, and a good amount of attitude.

Mousse Moi

The control of a gel in an alcohol-free mousse.

Conditional Love

A leave-in conditioner that inhibits breakage, adds volume and re-texturizes those gorgeous locks of yours.

The Straight Stuff

A non-chemical smoothing glaze that helps curls and waves chill out.


A weekly clarifying shampoo that is ‘oh so good!’ for every head of hair.


A light, daily conditioner for all hair types.

The Goods

A mild shampoo that cleanses, moisturizes and is ‘oh so good!” for every head of hair.