System Professional

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System Professional products combine cutting edge science with dedicated hairdressing mastery to push the limits of hair quality and beauty. Because they believe your hair is a living part of you, as unique as your fingerprint, salon owners prescribe a care system tailored to its specific energy needs putting performance first.

System Professional Repair Perfect Ends (R6)

For hair that is damaged, with split ends, brittle lengths and flyaway hairs. Clients who want to protect the hair from further damage, can apply this product on top of their Care System regimen. (Do not rinse out!)

The Benefits:
The sealing balm provides brilliant shine and suppleness to fragile parts of the hair. It provides active protection against heat and external influences. It repairs instantly and leaves the hair soft to the touch.

Balancing Energy Serum (B4)

Clinically proven and patented formula strengthens hair and anchorage and makes thin hair stronger when used 3 times a week. (Do not rinse out!)

The Benefits:
The special Energizing Complex with caffeine, biotin, lauric acid and vitamins increases the supply of nutrients to the hair and makes thin hair stronger. With EnergyCodeâ„¢ Complex for responsive hair & scalp full of energy.