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Our number one priority is to keep our guests and staff as safe as possible. So, for the near future, we have made a few physical changes and have implemented some new policies and procedures that we feel are necessary.

We ask all staff and guests to stay home if they aren’t feeling well or have had a fever or cough recently. If anyone has been in contact with anyone with Covid-19, we ask that you reschedule for a minimum of 14 days later.

All staff and guests will have their temperature taken upon entering the salon. Anyone with a temperature of 100 or more will be asked to step outside and cool down. We will recheck up to three times. If a guest or employees temperature has not gone down, we will not be able to allow them into the salon.

All guests and staff are required to wear a mask that preferably secures around the ear (we have a procedure as to how to work around them). We will be strict on this, so don’t be offended if we deny service if you don’t have one on. This is now mandated by the state of Michigan.

We ask that at the time of a guests appointment that they wait in their car until they receive a text from us to come in (this is to keep the amount of people in the salon to a minimum). There is currently plenty of outdoor seating also. If waiting in the car, please be sure to keep the A/C on in order to keep your body temperature normal (as we take temperatures upon arrival).

Only guests with scheduled appointments will be invited in. So please don’t bring anyone with you unless they have an appointment too. As much as we love dogs, we won’t be allowing them in during this time.

We will not be offering beverages or cookies and we ask that if you bring something in with you that you take it with you when you leave.

We are also suggesting that if you are coming in for a haircut that you wash your hair at home so we can keep the amount of people at the shampoo bowls to a minimum. We will, of course shampoo out any chemical services.

We are suggesting to not wear bulky or expensive clothing as we no longer have the option to change out of your clothing.

We will be supplying one-use capes for cutting and coloring.

If it’s warm, please don’t bring in your coats.

We won’t be able to offer pens, magazines or testers.

If you need product, please ask your service provider to get it for you.

When leaving a gratuity, we suggest giving it directly to your service provider or using an app such as Venmo. We also ask for you not to forget the Assistant even if they didn’t shampoo you, as they will be working hard to sanitize the areas you will be in. We aren’t able to add gratuity to credit card sales. We do, however have an ATM that you can use.

We have removed half of the styling stations and spread them out in order to keep guests and stylists at least six feet apart.

All stations and work areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with EPA registered disinfectants between each guest.

Door handles and frequently touched surfaces are disinfected regularly throughout the day.

Restroom toilets now have sanitary paper covers for your use.

We now consider the shampoo area as a “Quiet Zone” to keep conversations to a minimum as the guest positioning is slightly more vulnerable than other areas.

Nail Techs and guests are separated by a shield in order to keep everyone protected.

Nail Techs work with tools that have been disinfected and for tools that cannot be, they will use a “one-use” utensil.

The reception desk is surrounded by a plexiglass shield but does have openings for items to be passed through.

We have added two shifts per day in order to accommodate social distancing guidelines. So, please be aware that your stylists schedule is different than before.

We have increased our sanitation and sterilization procedures and will have the salon professionally cleaned each night and is regularly sprayed with an EPA recommended fog.

We have installed ten air purifiers throughout the salon that utilizes PECO technology, which destroys pollutants 1000 time smaller than HEPA standards. This technology was designed to capture and destroy airbourne viruses such as  Coronavirus.

Our checkout stations now have the capability for using the “tap” feature and does not require a signature. We also have the ability to safely store your credit card information, so for future visits, you can bypass the checkout process entirely.

Due to the lack of guests paying with cash, we can no longer accept checks written out for over the service amount (tips).


We understand there are a lot of changes and we appreciate your understanding during these times.

Thank you,

We look forward to seeing everyone in the safest way possible.

Love, Your Antonino Salon and Spa family.

Antonino Salon and Spa-voted best salon and best salon for a blowdry.

No bad hair days ever.

191 Townsend, Birmingham Mi. (across from the Townsend Hotel).


Be sure to see for yourself why Antonino Salon has been voted “Best Salon” five years in a row.
Antonino Salon is located at 191 Townsend in downtown Birmingham, Mi. (Directly across from the Townsend Hotel).

Antonino Salon is pleased to announce that Susan Thomas, from Susan’s Special Needs has made our salon her new home. Thomas, who has been custom tailoring Human Hair, Human/Synthetic and Synthetic wigs at her Pleasant Ridge location, decided to offer her services in a private corner on our salon floor. “Guests have said they feel very comfortable discussing their new needs and learning about this part of their journey in a salon setting” said Susan, adding “the salon atmosphere adds a more unique and comfortable experience”.

It’s also a perfect fit for wigs that need to be personalized, as Antonino Salon offers customized color and cuts on wigs that need extra attention.

With over 25 years of experience, Susan has been known in metro Detroit as the wig specialist for Chemotherapy, Alopecia and Thinning Hair.

If you’re looking for a high quality, customized wig and would like a salon experience at the same time, be sure to book your appointment today.

Appointments can be made by contacting Susan Thomas directly at 248-544-4287.  

Susan’s @ Antonino Salon-another reason why at Antonino Salon “there are no bad hair days…ever”.

Voted “Best Salon” four years in a row by Hour Detroit readers.

Antonino Salon is located at 191 Townsend in downtown Birmingham, Michigan (across from the Townsend Hotel).

Susan and Dave Thomas

Spring is just around the corner and all the stylists at Antonino Salon have been busy creating Spring trends, so be sure to stop in and see us for a custom color tailored to you.

Come see why Antonino Salon was voted best salon four years in a row by Hour Detroit readers.

Antonino Salon-where there a no bad hair days…ever.

191 Townsend in downtown Birmingham, Michigan (across from the Townsend Hotel).

Hair by Laura

The following is from an article in the New York Times on January 8, 2019.

By: Linda Dyett

Among the few notable things about this year’s Golden Globes was that so many women dispensed with long curling-ironed hair or chignons or whatever other frippery and just chopped it. Saoirse Ronan had a lob, or “long bob,” styled by Ben Skervin. Claire Foy: mini-bob. Maya Rudolph: sharp medium-long bob. Lobs, too, for Lucy Boynton (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) and Irina Shayk, a model.
This major bob moment comes exactly 100 years after an avalanche of women — 20,000 per week, according to the Women’s Improvement League — scandalized the world by cutting off their waist-long, painstakingly coiffed Gibson girl dos.
They chose instead an ear-grazing crop cut that until then had been worn only by willful, freethinking renegades — Bolsheviks, the Bloomsbury set, the up-and-coming Coco Chanel, Greenwich Village radicals, the fashion-forward ballroom dancer Irene Castle, who catapulted the bob into the American mainstream.
Already alert to cultural disruptions, F. Scott Fitzgerald, then 22, promptly wrote a short story, “Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” about the power of this new haircut on a hapless girl from Eau Claire, Wis., sent east to acquire social skills. Faced with taunts and dares, she marches into a barbershop, gets a bob and overnight is transformed into a ruthless, avenging, slash-and-burn Jazz Age vamp.

Fitzgerald was prescient about this as so much else. The bob, while now a classic, has never quite lost its unladylike insouciance. Even today, “switching to a bob is a little bit like giving the finger,” said Yves Durif, the New York hairstylist.
As if on cue at the start of 2019, this cheeky haircut has resumed its role as a take-no-prisoners rebuke to those long tresses, cascading below the shoulders, that have dominated the opening decades of the 21st century.
Mr. Durif, whose clients at his Carlyle Hotel salon include MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Kasie Hunt, called this Trump-era Lady Godiva look “clichéd and banal.”
“Long hair isn’t even interesting on the runway shows anymore,” said Julie Stahl, the C.E.O. of Blonde & Co., a New York creative content agency.
Ahn Co Tran, a hairstylist with a salon in Beverly Hills, said he cuts “oh my God, ever so many bobs.” They’re not a deluge (yet), but more and more are happening in the larger cities.

Antonino Salon-voted best salon by Hour Detroit, is located at 191 Townsend in downtown Birmingham-directly across from the Townsend Hotel.
Come visit us to see for yourself why at Antonino Salon and Spa “there are no bad hair days…ever”