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All of the stylists at Antonino Salon and Spa have been extensively trained in a blow-dry technique called “The French Blow-Dry”.

This unique styling technique uses round brushes of varying sizes. Stylists start at the top of the head and over-direct each section before gently lay it down in the opposite direction of how they want it to fall. After reaching the last section on each side, all of the above sections are brought down, resulting in beautiful cascading waves with a lot of body, softness and movement.

If you’ve ever wanted beautiful, “magazine cover” hair, then the French Blow Dry is for you.

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The French Blow-Dry; just another reason Antonino Salon is the best salon in town.

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The holiday season is here again and Antonino Salon and Spa offers a great way to feel good and turn heads at all those holiday parties.

The wildly popular Antonino “Blow-dry Bundles”, not only saves money, they also save time and guarantee no one will ever have a “bad hair day….ever”.

Antonino Blow-Dry Bundles are available in series of four, eight, twelve or twenty; the more you buy, the more you save. They also have no expiration date, are transferable and can be used with many of our highly trained, participating stylists.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no excuse not to look and feel your best this holiday season. Treat yourself to the gift of beauty and see for yourself why Antonino Salon is the best salon in Birmingham.

Series of blow-dry's are now available at Antonino Salon.

Series of blow-dry’s are now available at Antonino Salon.

 Blog content written by Jeff Davison



Antonino Salon stylists have always been held to a high standard of advanced education and professionalism and we are very proud to announce that we’ve raised our own bar once again.

Teaming up with Vivienne Mackinder, one of the world’s finest hairdressers, Antonino Salon stylist’s recently completed a rigorous 17 week advanced hairdressing course. Each week stylists worked together watching web videos detailing very precise classic hairstyling techniques taught by the legendary hairdresser. During this innovative course, our stylists would recreate the “style of the week”, then submit it for review to Vivienne Mackinder herself. She would then personally rate their techniques in both technical and creative categories and offer individual advice.

“The beauty of the course is that it is designed for all stylists, whether they’ve been in the business for 20 years or 20 minutes”, said Anthony Marsalese, owner of Antonino Salon, adding “it pushed us out of our comfort zones and made us all realize that there is always room for improvement”.

Upcoming courses include advanced hair cutting for women and men, advanced hair coloring, additional styling techniques, including Antonino’s signature “French Blow dry” and a course on professionalism.

We are proud that all our stylists understand the importance of staying at the top of their game and they continue to learn the newest trends so they can pass them onto each of our guests.

These are just more reasons why people trust Antonino Salon with their beauty needs and why we continue to be  the best salon in town.

Blog content by Jeff Davison

Vivienne MacKinder and Anthony Marsalese

Vivienne MacKinder and Anthony Marsalese