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An Antonino Salon Education Event

An Antonino Salon Makeup Event

The stylists at Antonino Salon have once again raised the bar in education. On June 16, 2015, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Lori Neapolitan visited the salon and taught everyone the newest trends in makeup and makeup application. She also helped launch Antonino Salon’s new and exclusive product line-La Tete Cosmetics.

With the art of makeup being her life’s passion, Lori has created a consulting business, a wedding business and has developed makeup products for major cosmetic lines. She has also worked side by side with top professionals in the beauty industry creating her own makeup and skin care line for her Chicago based salon.

Her wedding images have been reviewed as “picture perfect” by top bridal magazines and her makeup design for runway shows have been seen in many fashion and hair magazines for over twenty years. It’s no wonder why Lori Neapolitan has a long list of celebrity clients.

On your next visit, be sure to inquire about La Tete Cosmetics or request a makeup appointment today to see for yourself why Antonino Salon is the best salon in town.

Blog Content by Jeff Davison


Renew, An Exclusive New Product Revolutionizes Hair Care.
Renew, Antonino Salon's newest product.

Renew, Antonino Salon’s newest product.

Renew by LaTete, is a 5 in 1, revolutionary new product offered exclusively at Antonino Salon and Spa.

Along with cleansing the hair, it serves as a conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and as a leave-in conditioner.

Renew is a great cure for static electricity and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients so it won’t strip your hair of any natural oils, leaving it stronger and shinier than ever before. Also, since it doesn’t lather, it moisturizes and leaves your hair in the best condition possible.

Be sure to stop in today to pick up a bottle and see for yourself how Renew can change the life of your hair.

Blog content by Jeff Davison