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All of the stylists at Antonino Salon and Spa have been extensively trained in a blow-dry technique called “The French Blow-Dry”.

This unique styling technique uses round brushes of varying sizes. Stylists start at the top of the head and over-direct each section before gently lay it down in the opposite direction of how they want it to fall. After reaching the last section on each side, all of the above sections are brought down, resulting in beautiful cascading waves with a lot of body, softness and movement.

If you’ve ever wanted beautiful, “magazine cover” hair, then the French Blow Dry is for you.

Call us at 248-258-5990 or request an appointment today to reserve an appointment for your special evening on the town.

The French Blow-Dry; just another reason Antonino Salon is the best salon in town.

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Birmingham Winter Markt Celebrates it’s Fifth Event
Winter Mrkt

Winter Mrkt


Don’t miss the fun when the fifth annual Birmingham Winter Markt takes over Shain Park from December 5 through the 7th. Be a part of the fun and enjoy European food and drinks, gift items, holiday greens, crafts, ice carving, live reindeer, warming stations, a Kinderhaus children’s activity area, horse drawn carriage rides and the ever popular Santa House.

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Don’t cry the blues, wear them! “Dazzling Blue” is taking over the runways and is sure to be the hottest color of 2014. As Fendi reports “More muted than its electric cobalt cousin, the vibrant hue of dazzling blue is set to be Pantone’s number one color of spring with over 25 collections showcasing the shade during Fashion Week.

You will be able to see the season’s hottest trend at Antonino Salon and Spa as we are embracing our “blue” side by introducing it to our dress code.

What color will be next?




Inspiration From the Best
Vivienne MacKinder and Anthony Marsalese

Vivienne MacKinder and Anthony Marsalese

       “Hairdressing is a practice, you have to keep practicing throughout your entire career or you won’t succeed”: Words of wisdom from Nino Genna, Anthony Marsalese’s uncle, who recently retired from hairdressing after more than 70 years in the profession. Also words of advice that motivated Anthony to submerge himself in an intense five-day workshop last October.

       “Five on Five”, the intimate workshop taking place in the Hamptons is intended to take people out of their comfort zone and challenge them to new and creative techniques and teach leaders how to be effective mentors.

       Led by Vivienne Mackinder, one of the most highly respected international leaders in the hairdressing profession, the workshop only accepts five people to work side by side the award winning hairdresser for five days. When Anthony visited however, he got lucky, three people cancelled the week before; he only had to share the experience with Vivienne Mackinder and one other stylist.

“The education, inspiration and creativity that Vivienne shared has changed my life” says Anthony. “Her system of teaching is simple, yet it brings to a new level of understanding to the art of hairdressing”. Learning everything from technical razor cutting to creating a “perfectly, un-perfect up-do”, Anthony brought home a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

       All of Antonino Salon’s stylists and assistants will soon be inspired too. Beginning January 2014, our entire staff will challenge themselves to Vivienne Mackinder’s “HairdesignerTV”, a new, innovative on-line education system, where they will be taught and inspired by Vivienne Mackinder herself. They will learn her techniques, practice them, submit them on-line and receive first hand advice from one of the hairdressing world’s most famous hairdresser.

We look forward to continue offering new creative ideas and techniques to all our guests and can’t wait to share them with you.

Hair by Anthony Marsalese, inspired by Vivienne Mackinder

Hair by Anthony Marsalese, inspired by Vivienne Mackinder

Hair by Anthony Marsalese, inspired by Vivienne Mackinder

Hair by Anthony Marsalese, inspired by Vivienne Mackinder

Vivienne Mackinder and Anthony Marsalese goofing around during class

Vivienne Mackinder and Anthony Marsalese having a light moment during class

For more information on Vivienne Mackinder, click the link below:



Straight from the catwalk, Antonino Salon and Spa now offers the Balmain Hair Dress. If you want natural, flowing and beautiful hair, the seasons new trend is for you.

In less than five minutes, your hair will have an intense glamour boost and your hair will be fuller than you have ever imagined.

The Hair Dress is made of 100% human hair and can be treated and styled as your own hair. With many color combinations, your hair will look totally natural. You can also achieve an ombre effect without having to color your own hair.

Check out this video, then call us at 248-258-5990 to reserve an appointment to have one of our highly trained specialists show you how simple and easy it is to use. Remember at Antonino Salon and Spa, “There are no bad hair day’s, ever”

Balmain Head Dress “How to” Video