Another Talented Guest of Antonino Salon and Spa

Three years ago, when many Michiganders, due to the downturn in the economy, had to learn to reinvent themselves. One of these innovative people is a guest of our salon,  Lynn Miller. Not being someone to sit at the sidelines, Lynn decided to create her own job by writing a cookbook.

By July, 2009, the manuscript was far enough along to show a publisher. She was told the task was impossible to accomplish in time for the holiday rush in December. She was also told that in order to financially make it happen, it would have to be printed in China and shipped to Michigan. Being fiercely loyal to her home state, this was not an option for Lynn.

Lynn decided to take matters in her own hands. She spent 14 hours each day researching on line how to create the  book herself. She perfected her picture taking ability, learned how to write perfect recipes and even set up a publishing company. She still needed to find a designer to help create her book. She put an ad on Craigslist and began looking for someone she could afford. She received a lot of responses, but one in particular hit a chord. When she heard his voice, she knew immediately she found her man. Jon Fenlon, was an Art Director with Campbell-Ewald by day who wanted a second job and the chance to add a book credit to his resume.

The two made a perfect team. Jon threw himself into her project and did more than Lynn ever expected. Soon, they had a clear design and accomplished their goal of creating an easy recipe cookbook. Lynn’s friends were very helpful too. Some of them volunteered to proof-read, while others offered much needed encouragement. One even came over a did her ironing.

The moment, Lynn picked up her completed book from Thomson-Shore Printers in Dexter, Michigan, she drove directly to Jon’s office to show him. As they stood in the lobby giving each other high fives, the grins on their faces must have been contagious because Lynn saw the receptionist grinning at them. Sadly, this would be the last time she ever saw Jon. He passed away a few days later on October 18, 2009. Jon, just 26 years old had crossed the finish line in the Detroit Free Press half marathon when he collapsed and could not be revived. Lynn’s cookbook was Jon’s only book credit and is now his legacy.

Michigan residents loved Lynn’s book after it’s release on November 2, 2009. Initial sales were phenomenal. Her project broke even by Christmas and was a huge success. “People are using the book and are having success with the recipes. They say they love the layout and it looks so simple it makes them feel like ‘even they’ can cook”.

Lynn was born in Battle Creek, attended culinary school at Schoolcraft college in Livonia, created the book in Bloomfield Hills and had it printed in Dexter. As she states “it is truly pure Michigan”.

We, at Antonino Salon and Spa are very proud to know Lynn.

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