Antonino Presents “Short and Chic”


Hair by Antonino Salon

Hair by Antonino Salon

The short haircut trend has come back with a bang (long bang that is). Ever since Ann Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence kick started the trend a couple of years ago, the style has become wildly popular and continues to be a major “head-turner” at parties.

“A good short haircut should accentuate a person’s facial features”, says Anthony Marsalaese of Antonino Salon, adding that “It should also be versatile; just because someone has short hair, they should still be able to wear it different ways”.

In keeping with their promise of “no bad hair days…..ever”, the clients at Antonino Salon not only get a great haircut, they also get a lesson in how to do their hair. “We want our clients to be able to recreate the style ”, says Anthony, “which is extremely important, especially when getting a new look”.

To reserve an appointment to see why Antonino Salon is the best salon in Birmingham and to receive a complimentary consultation to see if a short haircut is right for you, call us at 248-258-5990 or click here.

blog content by Jeff Davison

Images by John Roe

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