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Since the FDA no longer requires the testing of products on animals, many companies in the hair color industry are finally becoming aware and sensitive to the plight of animal testing for their products.  Unfortunately, many other companies continue to do so. You can see for yourself the companies that do choose to test by going to

However, “being aware” isn’t enough. The next step for the beauty industry is to ensure that none of the by-products used in their formulations are not tested on animals. Companies can choose animal, plant or synthetic testing, but with that choice comes a responsibility. And Antonino Salon’s premier hair color line; Primary Syn Hair Color, is proud to have made their choice to keep ALL animal by-products out of its beauty products and belongs to PETA’s list of *vegan products.  The choice includes NOT TESTING on our furry little friends.  Vegan is not a hard choice.  It’s the only choice.

*Vegan products exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for beauty or any other purpose, promoting the development of use of animal free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.  Dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

If you’d like to  know if an ingredient is plant, animal or synthetically derived, look for an icon on packaging stating it is vegan and not tested on animals.  If there is no statement call the company directly for that information.  If the company has taken the time to list “ No Animal Testing” but does not list itself as vegan, chances are it is not. If a product lists themselves as “Natural or Organic”, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean they are animal friendly.  There are no laws to date that govern what “Natural” is.  Animals by-products fall under a “natural ingredient” as well as “Organic”.

Primary Syn has always been the best hair color available, and now it’s proud to be one of the first of many to follow on PETA’s Vegan List.

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