Winter Conditions

Winter has finally arrived in Michigan and so has dry hair season.

The minute the furnace is cranked up, moisture is zapped from the hair. Add in the combination of stepping outside into freezing cold temperatures and frosty winds, hair doesn’t stand a chance. If your locks are standing on end, sending electric shocks throughout your body and adheres themselves to coat collars and scarves, it’s a sure sign that they are crying out for moisture.

For many people it’s easy to tell when their skin is dry. It becomes itchy and flaky and can be remedied by a good body lotion. Dry hair, however is a different story.  Symptoms include dullness, lifelessness and a lack of body. The solution is to add a styling product that adds moisture and humidity.

Leave-in conditioners have often been accused of weighing hair down, but it’s actually the opposite.  A good humectant will not only make hair healthier, shinier and more supple, it also strengthens it and enables it to hold a curl longer and increase fullness.

Antonino Salon and Spa offers two excellent products to repair and manage hair during Michigan winters. La Tete Organice’s Le Miracle is a truly a miracle-you’ll notice an immediate difference. In La Tete Classic’s Collection, we offerConditional Love, a little more intense for hair in need of extra attention.  Both products can be used by themselves or cocktailed with your favorite styling product.

Once you try it, you’ll be hooked and your hair will be restored to it’s pre-winter condition.

Available exclusively at Antonino Salon and Spa in downtown Birmingham.

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